#1 Guide to Virtual Reality Online Casinos in 2021

Are you looking for the best and safe VR online casino? Then you are at the right place. On our website you will find all the secrets of virtual online casinos, tips for playing poker or blackjack in augmented reality, a guide for choosing scam free VR casinos, high tech gambling news, exclusive bonuses for new players and much more!

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What is VR Casino?

VR Casino – is an online casino that provides its players with gambling with virtual and augmented reality technologies!

Virtual reality is reshaping entertainment as we know it, and the online gambling industry was quick to embrace this novel technology, creating a VR casino experience. 

If you’re looking for high-quality casino VR games, you’re on the right page. This article will explore this technology and suggest some of the best platforms where you can enter the virtual casino gaming floor and play fantastic games using your VR equipment.

We are well aware that most of our website visitors just want to start playing their favorite poker, roulette or slots as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that you read this page to the end for a pleasant game and a positive gambling experience, where you will find a lot of interesting things. If you are not a big fan of reading, then here are the top online casinos with VR games:

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Hystory of VR Casinos

Human beings have always had the need to explore different worlds — different realities, if you will. It all started with our imagination and the first books and developed into movies, TV shows, and video games. However, virtual reality introduced a different level of immersion, and VR casinos are an inseparable part of it.

The first VR headset was created in 1838 when Sir Charles Wheatstone used mirrors at certain angles to make images appear 3D. He named his device stereoscope, and it was the first successful attempt of tricking our sense of sight into believing it’s in another world.

More than a century later, Edwin Eugene Mayer created the so-called View-Master that was upgraded in the 40s and allowed people to view authentic 3D images.

But those were static images — nothing else. With technological progress, we saw entire movies in 3D in the 80s, and this technology evolved even further.

Scientists didn’t give up on the idea of making an interactive 3D world, and the first big VR name was Oculus VR which Facebook acquired for $2 billion in 2014.

For the first time in history, we could become a part of the virtual reality inside our VR goggles and interact with the environment instead of just observing. The level of immersion was high, and casinos saw an opportunity to incorporate this into their standard offer.

The first VR casinos appeared in 2013/2014, but the technology was still quite new back then, and players still preferred playing casino games the old way. However, VR is continually being upgraded, and new VR gambling platforms are now much more sophisticated. 

What to Pay Attention to When Selecting a VR Casino Site

There aren’t many VR casinos out there, but their number is bound to increase as the technology becomes mass-adopted. Even though the selection is not that big, you should still pick the best possible VR casino for you, so we decided to make a guide on selecting the best one.

Licenses and Regulations

All online gambling platforms, including VR casinos, need to be licensed by an official regulatory body. Preferably, the casino of your choice should be regulated by an authorized and reputable gambling commission, so you can make sure the site offers a high-quality service. 

Safety and Security

There still haven’t been many instances of hacking VR casinos simply because they are still not as popular as standard online casinos. However, with the increase in popularity, cyberattacks are inevitable, so you want to pick the one that has all the security protocols in place. That way, you can rest assured that your sensitive data will remain intact.

So, how can you know whether a VR casino is safe and secure? Well, you could find out more about it on the platform’s help pages or ask customer support about it. Alternatively, you can read professional reviews on VR gambling sites to learn more.


VR Quality

The only way to test the quality of a casino in your VR headset is to open it and start playing games. It’s no secret that some casinos are much better than others, and you should feel free to test them before you make any real money deposits. 

High-quality VR platforms will offer an excellent interface, smooth animations, and little to no latency. Of course, this also depends on your internet connection. You also need to make sure you have adequate hardware and software support before testing a VR casino.


Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos, including the ones available in VR, offer various incentives to new and regular customers. They need to stay competitive on the market and retain the regulars, so bonuses play an essential role.

Your job is to compare available promos in VR casinos and pick the one with the most lucrative offer. Make sure to read the T&C sections of bonuses to learn more about their actual value.

Also, since the number of virtual reality gambling platforms is expected to grow in the future, we could see even more hefty bonuses. The competition will become even fiercer among casinos, like in the standard online casino market at the moment.


Available Games

Most online casinos that offer their platforms for VR users provide the following types of games: online video slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and a couple of other table and card games. However, what’s different is the overall quality, quantity, and variety of the games they offer.

For instance, some online casinos might offer a wide array of video slots but fail to provide enough titles for roulette players. Others might offer all sorts of games but lack high-quality gameplay. It’s up to you to test these casinos and settle for the one that meets your needs.


Payment Methods

Most online casinos offer two ways to play games — for free and for real money. VR casinos are not that different, as many of them will let you try games completely free of charge. They will give you fake money, but your rewards will be fake as well. 

Once you decide to deposit real funds, you’ll have to use one of the payment methods available on the platform. The good news is that most of them accept popular options, including credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and more. Some even go as far as to accept cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

However, the variety of deposit and withdrawal methods isn’t the only thing you should focus on when reviewing payment methods in VR casinos. You’ll also have to check the minimum and maximum transaction limits (which are often different for deposits and withdrawals) and check for possible fees. Finally, online casinos take time to process transactions. Even though deposits are usually instant, casinos will take up to several business days to review and process your withdrawal request. VR casinos are not an exemption.


Customer Support

VR casinos might seem complex if you’re new to this type of entertainment, and seeking adequate support is something you should definitely do. All online casinos offer professional customer support that you can chat with using the live chat feature. Alternative methods for getting in touch with support agents include email and phone (if available).

Some casinos offer better support than others. Even though low-quality customer support may not affect your gameplay, it will affect your overall experience and make you frustrated.

Equipment for Playing VR Casino Games

  • PC or mobile device — Depending on the type of VR casino, you’ll need a device that can run the simulation.
  • VR goggles — You can connect most VR goggles to a PC or mobile device. Some of them come with a full headset that includes headphones and a complete virtual reality experience.
  • Comfortable seat — Make sure to pick a chair, a sofa, a bean bag — anything to make yourself comfortable. That way, you will be able to maximize your VR experience without having to take off your headset to switch seats or assume a new position.
  • Alarm — Online gambling can be addictive, and players can waste hours without even realizing how much time they’ve spent. Therefore, it’s imperative to limit your playing session by setting an alarm or a timer. Moreover, spending too much time in a VR could make you feel dizzy, so make sure to set a time frame before starting your VR casino journey. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Casino Games With a VR Set

Even though VR brings a whole new level of entertainment to gambling lovers, there are still a couple of drawbacks you should pay attention to. Let’s check out some of the major advantages and disadvantages of this type of casino gaming.

VR Casino Advantages

  • You’ll get a new level of immersion, and it’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever played before. It’s like you’re inside a real land-based casino, except that you’ll play games from the comfort of your home.
  • VR casinos add a social factor to the experience, meaning your in-game avatar gets to hang out with other people as you play various casino games with them. This is similar to live dealer casinos, but it’s even more entertaining.
  • There are all kinds of tournaments you can take part in when playing VR casino games, and some of them can bring you lucrative prizes.
  • VR is exciting and novel, so you’re going to have fun even if you’re not very familiar with casino games.

VR Casino Disadvantages

  • Playing VR casino games requires a VR headset, which means you’ll have to buy one first. Some simple mobile VR headsets are pretty affordable, while others can cost a few hundred dollars. Still, it’s one extra investment you have to make before being able to play.
  • VR can make you feel unwell. It’s like going for a fast car ride with no prior experience of being in a car — there’s a chance you’ll get dizzy and maybe even throw up. However, the majority of people get used to VR after a couple of sessions. Still, you shouldn’t overdo it.
  • VR is still an emerging technology, even though it has been around for almost a decade (in this format). It means that its visuals and animations still aren’t as good as those seen in non-VR games.





Other Types of VR Gambling Sites

Along with casinos, VR poker is one form of gambling already being discussed, and there are even several poker platforms that offer VR play. Still, VR is not technologically advanced enough to replace the live poker experience, so most players will prefer going to an actual poker room to play the most popular card game in the world.

Other gambling platforms that offer sports betting, fantasy sports, bingo, and keno aren’t present in the VR format at the moment. Come to think of it; there’s no point in creating VR versions for these gambling activities. 

How VR Works

VR goggles simulate human vision. Human depth perception is created by the different viewing angles of our two eyes, and that’s why VR goggles have a separate screen for each eye. Two autofocus lenses are placed between the eye and the screen and adjusted depending on the position and movement of the eye.

The visuals that VR users perceive are rendered by a machine — either mobile device or PC. Some companies create standalone VR goggles as well.

To achieve a high-quality VR experience, developers needed to make the frame rate as high as possible, with 60 fps considered a minimum. Moreover, the field of view needs to be rather broad. In most cases, it’s between 100 and 180 degrees. Most games also allow a full 360-degree experience, which makes VR as immersive as possible.

VR is not only sight but sound as well, even though the technology used has already been present for decades. All VR games have 3D sound effects, which further add to immersion and make you feel like you’re in an entirely different reality (which you are, technically speaking).

Final Thoughts

To sum up, playing online casino games using VR is a unique experience that you should try, even if you’re not a fan of this type of entertainment. It offers a completely different perspective on gambling and makes it a lot more exciting and immersive.

There aren’t many VR casinos out there, but their number will increase as the popularity of this technology rises.

Before opening an account and making a deposit in real money, please refer to our VR casino guide to learn more and find out how to pick the best VR platform for you. In case there are some things left unclear, please refer to the FAQ section below. 


Are casino VR games better than standard online casino games?

It’s a matter of personal taste. Some players like online casino games, others stick to land-based casinos, and some are all about the VR experience. If you’re a fan of technology, you’re definitely going to like the VR gambling experience.

Which VR casino game should I play first?

VR casinos offer slots and all popular table and card games, so we suggest playing what you like the most. If you’re not sure, start with slow-paced games, such as roulette, to get used to the VR environment.

Are there any bonuses for VR casinos?

Yes, there are. Many VR casinos offer bonuses to attract new players. These are usually awarded to everyone who opens an account and makes a real-money deposit.

Where can I find a VR casino download option?

All you have to do is visit the casino of your choice and open an account. If there’s a need to download software, you’ll be able to find the download button somewhere on the site.

Can I play VR casino games on my mobile device?

If the casino supports mobile devices, you will be able to do it. Moreover, some casinos are mobile-only, but you’ll also need a VR headset that you can connect to your phone.

Will VR casino games make me dizzy?

If you’re using VR for the first time, there’s a slight chance that you might get a bit dizzy after a couple of minutes. However, playing a VR casino game is much safer than experiencing a VR rollercoaster, which significantly increases your chances of blowing chunks. 

Can I play in a VR casino for real money?

Yes, many online VR casinos allow you to make a deposit and play for real money. Just check the payment methods accepted on the platform before registering.

Can I play in a VR casino for free?

Yes, you can. VR casinos will allow you to play all available games as much as you like using fake money. In fact, it’s always better to try VR casino games for free before switching to real money.

Are VR casino games addictive? 

VR gambling is gambling nonetheless and, as such, can cause problems. Therefore, it’s important to gamble responsibly and set a budget and a time limit. If you think that you or someone you know is suffering from a gambling problem, make sure to seek professional help.